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Access free and subscription based instructional needling videos, these videos involve in depth instruction on how to needle specific muscle groups.

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Dr. Angus and Broadhurst have published a concise dry needling manual for the practitioner that needs to reference a muscle for treatment quickly, allowing the practitioner to not waste time looking through a laborious textbook.


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A health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health. There is an emphasis on manual treatments including spinal adjustment and other joint and soft-tissue manipulation.


Acupuncture is traditionally explained as modifying the flow of energy (known as Qi or Chi) throughout the body through different meridians or energy channels.


Dry needling is the insertion of a needle into a localized trigger point to eradicate myofascial pain at the specific point or within the referred pain pattern.



Dr. Broadhurst is a certified and experienced animal chiropractor, she is currently working on her new books that will be published soon for the treatment of animals, large and small using her unique treatment methods.

Dr Michele Broadhurst, DC
ICCSD (FICS, USA); IVCA;FIAMA; Dipl Acupuncture (IAMA); Mtech Chiro (RSA)

Dr. Michele Broadhurst DC; ICCSD (FICS,USA); IVCA; FIAMA; Dipl Acupuncture(IAMA); Mtech Chiro (RSA): Dr. Broadhurst graduated from Chiropractic College (DIT) at the end of 2003. She too learned about myofascial dry needling from her third year at university and used it extensively in her two-year residency. Dr. Broadhurst then went on to study further and was awarded her diploma as an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician from the International Federation of Chiropractic Sports. Dr. Broadhurst joined Dr. Angus and his West Coast Chiropractic team in 2005. The practice continued to flourish and grow, many families, ranging from babies to those nearing a century, athletes and chronic pain sufferers visited the practice expectant of pain relief.  We were very blessed to offer this to our patients. Dr. Broadhurst branched out in 2006 and went to the USA to attend Options for Animals and certified with them and the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association as an Animal Chiropractor. Dr. Broadhurst built an exceptionally busy and prominent small and large animal practice, specializing in stud and race horses and canines. She has helped thousands of humans and animals with myofascial work and chiropractic. She continued to see human and animal patients until 2018, when she went to join Dr. Angus in the USA. She qualified under Dr. John Amaro (IAMA) as a Chiropractic acupuncturist in 2019.

Dr Antony Angus, DC
Dipl Acupuncture (IAMA); FIAMA;
Mtech Chiro (RSA)

Dr. Antony Angus DC; Dipl Acupuncture (IAMA); FIAMA; Mtech Chiro (RSA): Dr. Angus graduated from Chiropractic College (Durban Institute of Technology) in 1996 . He then went on to study acupuncture, and under the tutorage of Dr. Ishmail Patel, he qualified as an acupuncturist in 2000. Dr. Angus’s love for myofascial dry needling started in his third year of Chiropractic College when he received extensive instruction in dry needling as a modality in treating pain and dysfunction. He studied dry needling extensively over the remaining three years of college and it inspired him to study acupuncture. Dr. Angus opened West Coast Chiropractic Centre in 1998 in Tableview, South Africa. The practice quickly got a reputation as a holistic, multifaceted practice where people got better very quickly. The combination of acupuncture, dry needling and chiropractic is incredibly fast and effective in treating myofascial pain syndromes. Dr. Angus has treated Nobel prize laureates and their families, WWE superstars, South African rugby captains and players and many others. The practice has over 15000 current patients on file. In 2017 Dr. Angus moved to the USA to further his acupuncture studies and studied under Dr. John Amaro at the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Angus has over 25 years of dry needling and acupuncture experience.


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I had severe back pain after returning from vacation overseas, for weeks I couldn’t even return to work. My regular chiropractor was not getting me better. My sister recommended Dr. Broadhurst because she did this ‘miracle stuff with needles’! After my 1st treatment I was 80% better! I couldn’t believe it! Thank you so much Dr. B.


During my gym workouts I was experiencing severe neck pain and headaches, after two sessions of needling with Dr. Angus all my symptoms had disappeared, suddenly I can live pain free, I am totally  a dry needling fan since experiencing the technique.


We have been blessed with so many incredible teachers over the years, who have played crucial roles in adding and help cultivate the large volume of knowledge that we have today.

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Myofascial pain is a term that has been bantered around for many years. It is often unclear to people exactly what this means or how to fix it. Medical doctors, Physical therapists, Occupational therapists, Chiropractors and other practitioners are starting to acknowledge the importance of myofascial pain syndromes and collaborate to figure out how to treat it.

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